If They Start It, I’m Going to Finish It

Two stories in the news this past week have really hit home for me.

On October 16th, Whitney Heichel got ready for work like every other day.  She had a short walk from her apartment to her car, and then a 5-minute drive to get to work.  She never made it to work that day; she was murdered by her neighbor.   (Click here for story.)

On October 18th, a lovesick gunman stormed into a hair salon in Florida and shot four women, killing three of them.  (Click here for story.)

It is very easy to get complacent about self-protection when you are at places you frequent often, such as your work, your favorite store, your home.  As you can tell from these stories, “familiar” does not equal “safe.” 

I bring this up because I often hear people talk about training to protect themselves, but in the same conversation they tell me they do not plan to carry concealed.  To be honest, I don’t totally understand that logic.  No one can predict when, where, or if they will be put in a position where they need to defend themselves.  It is important to note that I would never insist that someone carry a concealed firearm.  Not everyone is mentally prepared for that responsibility, and others may not have the wherewithal to actually use it if they were in a self-defense situation.  That is perfectly fine.  It is their right to walk around unprotected, just as it is my right to train and be prepared to defend myself.  If someone is coming at me, I’m not going down without a fight.  I want to have at least a fighting chance of defending myself if someone decides to try and attack, rob, or kill me or my loved ones.

Like I mentioned above, not everyone is comfortable or prepared to carry a firearm.  There are other options such as carrying a knife, pepper spray, a collapsible baton.  Women, more than men, face a “disparity of force” in self-defense situations.  If a male attacker is 6’ tall and 220 pounds, he naturally will have the upper hand over a 5’4” woman weighing 120 pounds.  Ladies, you need to think about what you can carry with you to help balance out this disparity of force.  Having the right mindset is the first step, but you’ll greatly improve your odds if you have a self-defense “tool” with you that you know how to use and are willing to use.  You also need to be prepared to go full-tilt; it is not the time to be meek.  My mindset is:  If they start it, I’m going to finish it.  What about you?

* * * * *

Think it can’t happen here?  Shortly after I wrote this blog, I saw this news story about an attempted kidnapping in Aurora.  Fortunately, this woman fought back and got away.  (Click here for story.)

BluCore Shooting Center offers a variety of classes to our customers that will help them have the confidence to defend themselves and their loved ones.  From Pistol Training to Combat Mindset to Tactical Knife classes, we are providing “Real world training, for the Real World.”

BluCore Shooting Center is redefining the firearms experience.


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